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Critical Praise

"With so many women in our world fighting for their rights at this very moment, The Vote is a provocative reminder of just how hard --- and how recently --- it was that American women were fighting for their own. Sybil Downing in this captivating novel takes the reader into that early 20th century world of intrigue and valor, a world largely composed of young, idealistic women bent on becoming first class citizens. On these pages the women and their male supporters teem with life and energy. Well researched and elegantly written, this powerful narrative should be red by everyone, women and men. Once open, The Vote is almost impossible to put down."

——Kate Lehrer, author of Confessions of a Bigamist

"Sybil Downing brings the imaginative powers of a gifted novelist to an important period in American history, when a handful of women struggle for women's rights as citizens. The vote is a gripping story that brings history to life in a way that reminds us why history is important. I was left with the feeling that, for a brief time, I had stepped into the past and shared the fear, danger and courage of the characters, as well as the exultation at their hard-won victory."

——Margaret Coel author of The Drowning Man