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Critical Praise

"A stunning and complex story,"

——The Hartford Courant

"A thunderous, action-rich first novel…worthy of a place alongside The Killer Angels, Rifles for Watie, and Shiloh."

——Kirkus Reviews

"Wonderfully imagined and beautifully written. Robert Hicks not only immerses us in history but also in age-old human truths that are the grist of lasting literature. One of the finest books I've read in years."

——James Webb, author of Born Fighting and Fields of Fire

"Hicks has exceeded his intent in ths ambitious, impressively researched novel."

——Orlando Sentinel

"A wonderful novel…Hicks has perfected the art of mixing fact and fiction, and turned the book into a sustained, profound meditation on what it means to live, to love, and to die. Congratulations to Robert Hicks-he has written a moving and magnificent novel."

——Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl with a Pearl Earring

"A memorable, many-faceted account of one of the definitive events of our history. To read this thrilling story is to encounter and recognize something essential of the worst and best about ourselves." "What a wonderful story Robert Hicks has told. It speaks powerfully to us today."

——Anne Rivers Siddons

"A poignant, evocative account of one of the last bursts of fury in our terrible Civil War, and what came after. It is a fine story of love, war, regret, and reconciliation."

——Kevin Baker, author of Dreamland and Paradise Alley