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Critical Praise

"Atmospheric and engrossing, The Winter Queen is a historical thriller from the world of the czar. Boris Akunin is Russia's answer to Caleb Carr."

——Kevin Baker

"Mystery readers should enjoy this story. It is as Russian, and as international, as caviar and vodka! A crafty tale full of atmosphere, character, and action. I look forward to hearing more about the young detective Erast Fandorin."

——Ann Perry

"A tasty dish . . . There are secret panels, hidden tunnels, a false mustache, intercepted letters, gunfights, and a glamorous female villain. . . . Akunin knows how to build suspense, but he also enjoys himself; he shows the reader a good time."

——The Boston Globe

"If Pushkin had tried his hand at detectivefiction, it might have turned out something like this."

——The New York Times Book Review