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Critical Praise

"Glitters not with rich trappings, but rich with understanding of its people."

——Linnea Lannon, San Jose Mercury News

"An expert on the misperceptions even the most intimate have of each other, and on the human inability to yield, particularly in marriage, with its ongoing battles and momentary victories....[The] message, in the end, is the possibility of redemption."

——Tricia Springstubb, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Robinson knows all her characters well and infuses them with emotional authenticity, wisely rendering their foibles and strengths."

——Veritt Ludgate-Frase, The Christian Science Monitor

"Robinson's strength as a novelist rests in her ability to create the texture of life....This Is My Daughter shows us that it is -- as Robinson writes -- brave to be independent and braver still to engage.

——Susan Goodman, The Washington Post Book World