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About the Book


Does love transcend all boundaries --- including those of death, time and memory?  Is the connection between humans and animals stronger and more real than we’ve ever imagined?  In Unsaid, now available in trade paperback, Neil Abramson skillfully weaves these questions through a moving story that will touch the heart while stimulating reflection and debate. Upon its publication in hardcover, Unsaid garnered outstanding reviews from readers, booksellers and critics alike, and film rights have been optioned to Nick Wechsler (The Road, The Time Traveler’s Wife) by The Gotham Group on behalf of Jeff Kleinman at Folio Literary Management.

Unsaid is told from the perspective of Helena Colden, a veterinarian who has just died of breast cancer. Helena is forced to witness the rapid emotional deterioration of the beloved husband she has left behind. With Helena's passing, David, a successful Manhattan attorney, loses the only connection that made his life full. He tries to carry on the life that Helena had created for them, but he is too grief-stricken, too angry, and too quickly reabsorbed into the demands of his career. Helena's animals likewise struggle with the loss of their understanding and compassionate human companion. Because of Helena, David becomes involved in a court case to save the life of a chimpanzee that may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of animal consciousness. Through this case, all the threads of Helena's life entwine and explode --- unexpectedly, painfully, beautifully.

An evocative first novel about the healing power of animals, Unsaid will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss, has loved a pet, or has pondered the meaning of those things that remain “unsaid” in life --- but mean so much.

by Neil Abramson

  • Publication Date: August 4, 2011
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Center Street
  • ISBN-10: 1599954095
  • ISBN-13: 9781599954097