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Critical Praise

"The emotional range and depth of these stories, the clarity and deftness, is astonishing."

Alice Munro

"Arresting…Her words feel essential and elemental. She is one of those writers who makes fiction feel less of a genre than a language unto itself…Charming, warm and humane."

Montreal Gazette

"The stories in Vanishing show the magic of fiction at its best: fully realized worlds inseparable from the uncanny fact that they exist as mere words, magnificently strung together. Willis’s creative sleight-of-hand illuminates human intricacies as if tapping directly into your own."

Globe and Mail, One of Jim Bartley's Top Five Books of the Year

"Flecked with welcome humour... Equally salty-sweet... Her attentiveness to detail and her succession of insights about the small moments people share and the consequences of individual choices keep us turning pages, enthralled."

Vancouver Sun