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Critical Praise

"In this winning debut, Fitzgerald has crafted the powerful story of one woman's courage to look beyond the life that she has been given --- Veil of Roses is a poignant and uplifting novel full of charm, wit and grace."

Beth Kendrick, author of Fashionably Late and Nearlyweds

"After picking up Veil of Roses, I did everything one-handed for two days I was so unwilling to put it down! Charming and heartbreaking and hopeful and funny, this is the rare book that completely transports the reader. Laura Fitzgerald is an amazing talent."

——Lani Diane Rich, author of The Comeback Kiss

"Watching Tami [the heroine] find her voice through such small comforts as being able to sit alone in a house, walk to school unescorted or buy lingerie with her sister will leave readers rooting for her."

——Publishers Weekly

"A gorgeously authentic voice. Fitzgerald's narrative is infused with wit, warmth and compassion. If you like cross-cultural books, you won't want to put this down"

——Kavita Daswani, author of Salaam, Paris and Matrimonial Purposes