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Critical Praise

“Cross effectively captures the debilitating confusion and angst that can attend the difficult passage to adulthood…. Readers feel viscerally the protagonist’s panic and confusion as he attempts to engage an adult world he doesn’t understand fully.”

—Patrick Sullivan, Library Journal

“WILBERFORCE will draw you into its world of adolescent bullying, violence and longing from the first page of this subtle, remarkably authentic and vivid reconstruction of time and place.” 

—Sheila Kohler, author of CRACKS and BECOMING JANE EYRE

“In this riveting and playful novel by H. S. Cross, mental warfare rules among friends and enemies at a boarding school, making for delicious complications and twisted loyalties in a mix of suspense and comedy reminiscent of Evelyn Waugh. Cross’s great talent rests in the highly physical exploration of these young men, their sensibilities revealed through bruises and sprains, desire and suspicion.”

—Timothy Schaffert, author of THE SWAN GONDOLA