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Charles D. Martin


Charles D. Martin

Charles D. Martin grew up in a small Ohio town. His parents were poor, but by working two jobs, he was able to put himself through college – he studied 5 majors (physics, mathematics, chemistry, electrical engineering and business) at Ohio State University.

Martin has been fortunate to enjoy much success in life. He had a distinguished career in venture capital and private equity, founding two highly successful investment firms that he managed during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Currently he runs a hedge fund, Mont Pelerine Capital, LLC, and serves on the investment committees of prominent universities.

Martin has extensive background in finance and technology, and has travelled to the exotic locations featured in his debut novel Provocateur (August 2012). However, the novel itself is more about the intrigue in the story and the alpha female that takes on dominant males and conquers them.

Martin lives with his wife Twyla in a coastal town south of Los Angeles, California.

Charles D. Martin

Books by Charles D. Martin

by Charles D. Martin - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Nadia, born an orphan, rises out of a life of poverty and despair, where she had no experience with affection, to face her struggles and take on the challenges of her “profession.” She possesses a strong will, supreme confidence, and takes a must “win” approach using only her finesse and feminine prowess.