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Elizabeth Kim


Elizabeth Kim

They called it an "honor killing," but to Elizabeth Kim, the night she watched her grandfather and uncle hang her mother from the wooden rafter in the corner of their small Korean hut, it was cold-blooded murder. Her Omma had committed the sin of lying with an American soldier, and producing not just a bastard, but a honhyol, a mixed-race child considered worth less than nothing. After spending time in a prisonlike orphanage, Kim was adopted by a childless Fundamentalist pastor and his wife in the United States. From here, her story continues as she struggles in a culture that judges her and her Asian features as inferior.

After escaping her adoptive parents' home, only to find herself in an abusive and controlling marriage, Kim finally made a break for herself by having a daughter and running away with her to a safer haven--something her Omma could not do for her. 

Unflinching in her narration, Kim tells of her sorrow with a steady and riveting voice, and ultimately transcends it by laying claim to all the joys to which she is entitled. 

Elizabeth Kim is a journalist in California.

Courtesy of Random House, Inc.

Elizabeth Kim