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Hal Malchow


Hal Malchow

Hal Malchow’s writing career began when his then eight-year-old son approached him about writing a book together. Two years later, they completed the first draft of THE SWORD OF DARROW, a highly acclaimed young adult fantasy novel. In 2014, writing alone, he published a sequel, THE DRAGON AND THE FIREFLY.

His new book, NO POPES IN HEAVEN, draws on his successful 30-year career in politics. Starting on his kitchen table in an efficiency apartment, he built America’s largest voter contact firm. He pioneered the use of advanced data analytics to revolutionize political targeting and control group experiments to measure and improve campaign tactics. His work in changing campaign politics is chronicled in Sasha Issenberg’s 2011 book, THE VICTORY LAB: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns.

Over his career, Hal has worked for five Democratic presidential nominees. In 2016, Hal was inducted into the political consultants Hall of Fame. 

Hal closed his firm in 2010, discouraged by the dialogue of modern campaigns. He is currently moving from Washington, DC to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hal Malchow

Books by Hal Malchow

by Hal Malchow - Fiction, Political Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

NO POPES IN HEAVEN is a political thriller with important insights into what has gone wrong in Washington.