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Jami Attenberg


Jami Attenberg

Jami Attenberg is the New York Times bestselling author of seven books of fiction, including THE MIDDLESTEINS and ALL GROWN UP, and her memoir I CAME ALL THIS WAY TO MEET YOU. She has contributed essays to the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times and Longreads, among other publications. She lives in New Orleans.

Books by Jami Attenberg

by Jami Attenberg - Fiction

For more than 30 years, Edie and Richard Middlestein shared a solid family life together in the suburbs of Chicago. But now things are splintering apart, seemingly for one reason: Edie's enormous girth. When Richard abandons her, it is up to the next generation of Middlesteins to take control. Do Edie's devastating choices rest on her shoulders alone, or are others at fault, too?