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Lalita Tademy


Lalita Tademy

Lalita Tademy is the author CANE RIVER, a New York Times bestselling novel and the 2001 Oprah Book Club Summer Selection, and its critically acclaimed sequel RED RIVER. She lives in Northern California.

Lalita Tademy

Books by Lalita Tademy

by Lalita Tademy - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Tademy takes her family's story back to a little-chronicled, deliberately-forgotten time...and the struggle of three extraordinary generations of African-American men to forge brutal injustice and shattered promise into a limitless future for their children.

by Lalita Tademy - Fiction

Tademy takes historical fact and mingles it with fiction to weave a vivid and dramatic account of what life was like for the four remarkable women who came before her. Beginning with Tademy's great-great-great-great grandmother Elisabeth, this is a family saga that sweeps from the early days of slavery through the Civil War into a pre-Civil Rights South-a unique and moving slice of America's past that will resonate with readers for generations to come.