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Archives - February 2014

Author Talk: Tracy Shawn, author of The Grace of Crows

Feb 6, 2014

An Interview with author Tracy Shawn by David Starkey

Question: Saylor Crawmore, the protagonist of THE GRACE OF CROWS, is deeply anxious about almost everything. Why did you find her anxiety so compelling?

Tracy Shawn: I have suffered from severe anxiety myself and wanted to write a story that others could relate to, learn from, and ultimately gain perspective and a grounded kind of hope from, as well.

Author Talk: Michael Ponsor, author of The Hanging Judge

Feb 5, 2014

Question: To what extent—if any—is Judge Norcross based on you? Is the trial in THE HANGING JUDGE based at all on any case or cases you’ve presided over?

Michael Ponsor: The trial is based generally on my experience as a judge, and my experience presiding over a complete death penalty trial. Judge Norcross, however, is not me. He is less experienced than I am as a judge now, and than when I presided over my capital case. He is also, in many ways, a nicer person than I am.