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R. A. Siracusa


R. A. Siracusa

R. Ann Siracusa has been writing fiction and non-fiction for over thirty years. While working in her chosen career of architecture/urban planning and raising a family, she made time to travel and to write. This talented author combines good story telling and experience with other cultures into novels which transport readers to exotic settings, immerse them in romance, intrigue, and adventure, and makes them laugh. She has traveled to every location she writes about.

Today, she is retired and lives in San Diego, California, where she writes full time (which is as many hours as an Italian husband, three grown children, and eight grandchildren will allow on any given day). She has been active in Romance Writers of America since 1985.

R. A. Siracusa

Books by R. A. Siracusa

by R. A. Siracusa

Disdained by her father and facing an arranged marriage, young Angela Rosarno yearns to be loved for herself. She flees her home and travels to Sicily into the arms of Santino Camastro, a man she has come to love only through his letters though never met. Wooed and rushed into marriage, she learns -- all too late -- that her husband is not the man who penned the letters.