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Sara Ackerman


Sara Ackerman

Sara Ackerman is a USA Today bestselling author who writes books about love and life, and all of their messy and beautiful imperfections. She believes that the light is just as important as the dark, and that the world is in need of uplifting and heartwarming stories. Born and raised in Hawaii, she studied journalism and later earned graduate degrees in psychology and Chinese medicine. She blames Hawaii for her addiction to writing, and sees no end to its untapped stories.

A few of her favorite things, in no particular order --- hiking, homemade PIZZA, a good thunderstorm, stargazing, BOOKS, craft beer, her wonderful BOYFRIEND, surfing, mountain streams, friends and ANIMALS. In fact, animals inhabit all of her novels in some way, shape or form --- dogs, donkeys, sea turtles, a featherless chicken, endangered Hawaiian crows, horses and even a lion. When she's not writing or teaching, you'll find her in the mountains or in the ocean, which is where most of her inspiration happens.

Photo Credit: Tracy Wright-Corvo

Books by Sara Ackerman

by Sara Ackerman - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Hawaii, 1944. The Pacific battles of World War II continue to threaten American soil, and on the home front, the bonds of friendship and the strength of love are tested. With war on their doorstep, friendship will sustain them.