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Sarah Turnbull


Sarah Turnbull

Sarah Turnbull is the author of the international bestseller ALMOST FRENCH. She now lives in Sydney with her husband, Frédéric.

Sarah Turnbull

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by Sarah Turnbull

A decade prior, Australian native Sarah Turnbull had found a new life (and love) in Paris, a story chronicled in her bestselling memoir ALMOST FRENCH. So when her husband, Frédéric, is offered a position in tropical Tahiti, she is initially hesitant to leave her new Parisian life. But as the idea of life on a tropical island begins to fill her thoughts, she finds herself longing for her next big adventure. In this lushly written memoir, Turnbull explores a new paradise: Tahiti.

by Sarah Turnbull - Nonfiction

A delightful, fresh twist on the travel memoir, Almost French takes us on a tour that is fraught with culture clashes but rife with deadpan humor.