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Critical Praise

(starred review) "Evocative . . . a post-modern ghost story . . . Arensberg is particularly good at depicting the itch and ache of human relations. "

———The New York Times Book Review

"Powerful, convincing, darkly absorbing . . . Arensburg works in careful, beautifully modulated prose, building knowledge and tension--particularly an elaborate and disturbing sexual tension--in the details, never letting her gothic material dominate her storytelling, creating solid characters and strong voices, credible people to whom strange things happen. "


"Engaging . . . Arensberg's gifts recall those of Jane Smiley. "

———The New Yorker

"A chilling story, gut-gripping to read. "

———St. Louis Post—Dispatch

"One of the finest contemporary novels of the supernatural . . . The territory that was long ago ceded to Stephen King is entered to stunning effect in this absorbing tale of demonic possession. "

———Kirkus Reviews