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Critical Praise

"It's a sweet book. [Guest] weaves the optimism and sincerity of the sannyasin through the story of Bhagwan's descent into corruption and paranoia, to create a shocking but affectionate image of the Orange people."

——Time Out (London)

"[My Life in Orange] is funny, gently ironic, closely observed, poignant and moving. Guest makes an astonishingly mature debut (he is 27) and has the rare ability to describe childhood as a small child lives it; accepting, hopeless, curious. He grinds no axes, but makes his experience excellent grist to his mill. From My Life in Orange a very good writer has emerged."--

——The Spectator (London)

"A vivid and moving account of a remarkable childhood."

——Andrew Miller

"My Life in Orange is, in fact, two stories. One is an astonishing chronicle of folly . . . It is also a tale of corruption on a mass scale . . . It is the visceral detail of his own memories that brings the narrative alive."

——The Independent