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The Dance of Anger

About the Book

The Dance of Anger

Women have long been discouraged from discussing anger. We are the nurturers, the soothers, the peacemakers, the steadiers of rocked boats. We learn to fear our anger, because it not only brings about the disapproval of others but also signals the necessity for change. 

The taboos against expressing anger are so powerful that we may not even know when we are angry. Or we may vent anger in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless ensuring that change does not occur. Or we may wrap feelings of guilt and self-blame around ourselves like an old familiar blanket. Many of us feel guilty if we are anything less than an emotional service station to others. 

The Dance of Anger shows readers how to identify the actual sources ofanger and to use anger as a tool for change. Lerner illustrates how getting angry gets nowhere if we do not identify and change our own part in the pattern.

The Dance of Anger
by Harriet Lerner

  • Publication Date: September 11, 2012
  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 006091565x
  • ISBN-13: 9780060915650