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Critical Praise

“Utterly charming, a delicious menu of savory characters sprinkled with wit and wisdom and covered in a rich sauce of faith and fellowship. A delightful read!”

——Allison Bottke, author of God Allows U-Turns and A Stitch in Time

“Three cheers! The Potluck Club cooks again! Don’t miss this tasty recipe guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for a great read.”

——Gayle Roper, author of Allah’s Fire

“Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson serve up a delicious, fun story while skillfully navigating delicate life issues. I loved the women of the Potluck Club and the cozy life of Summit View. Don’t miss this book. It’s an excellent read.”

——Rachel Hauck, author of Georgia on Her Mind

“Shepherd and Everson do it again! They successfully crash our dinner party and show us a little bit about each of us with wit and heartwarming compassion. And by the time you finish, you’re already asking what’s on the menu for tomorrow!”

——Denise Hildreth, author of the Savannah from Savannah series

“An entertaining read with humor, drama, and food --- what more could you want in a book?”

——Angela Hunt, author of The Novelist