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Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr.


Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr.

Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr., is a well-known lawyer who has tried over 150 cases during his 35-year career. His clients have sent him throughout the United States to represent them in a wide variety of matters, particularly products liability lawsuits. He is also an entrepreneur. In 1974 he founded his current law firm, Arthur, Chapman, Kettering, Smetak, and Pikala, a highly regarded litigation firm in Minneapolis. In 1985 he founded a bio tech company that used genetic engineering to develop microorganisms the company used to degrade toxic waste.

Arthur has lectured and published extensively on a variety of legal topics. While The Litigators is his first novel, he has fully lived the plot it unravels, a challenging products liability case involving genetically engineered organisms. The Litigators is prompted by his love for the law, whose greatest virtue is, paradoxically, its willingness to tolerate strident criticism. In that spirit Arthur speaks here, as an entrenched insider, with a bold critique of a judicial system that displays a myopic lack of human understandings by lawyers who are naively focused on victory at all costs rather than addressing the real human problems of their clients.

Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr. is also a keen sportsman and lover of the outdoors. He plays a mean game of tennis on a court which he built himself, in back of his house, and likes to spend as much time as possible paddling through Minnesota’s beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area, where he has guided many wilderness expeditions.

He and his wife, Kathy, reside in the Minneapolis area. They have two sons, both physicians. His father, to whom this book is dedicated, and with whom the author proudly shares a common name, is a retired judge and an inspired writer.

Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr.

Books by Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr.

by Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr. - Fiction

A woman living near a toxic waste site that was treated with a new process using genetically engineered microbes develops a mysterious neurological illness. By chance, she meets a passionate young lawyer at a neighborhood church supper. He feels obligated to find justice for his new struggling client and in the process takes on the largest law firm in Minnesota.