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Archives - July 2014

July 29, 2014

The Red Table Book Club

Posted by emily
It’s lucky enough when an author visits a reading group, but how about when the author is an active member of the group?! Lorenzo Carcaterra, author most recently of THE WOLF (which hits bookstores TODAY!), let us know that he meets regularly with The Red Table Book Club, a group started by his daughter, Kate. Of course, we had plenty of questions for the father-daughter duo, and they were kind enough to share their experience with us. Here, Kate answers some questions about The Red Table Book Club --- named for the dining room table in her parents’ apartment --- including the group's history and she shares the books they’ve read together and enjoyed. Lorenzo also adds his thoughts on being a published author in a group of passionate readers. Make sure to read all the way until the end for some great book selections from members of The Red Table Book Club!
As frequent readers may recall a few months ago I got a new phone after years with what I called a “dumb phone,” which was only good for calls and texts, and a Blackberry that I only used for email as it was an older model and too slow to do much else. For the first couple of weeks I was frustrated as I was on a  learning curve with my smartphone, but soon I was tapping away on my Samsung Galaxy S5 with ease. I did not even miss the Blackberrry keyboard that I had coveted so much.