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Archives - October 2019

October 21, 2019

Preparing for Book Group Meetings

Posted by Nan
Besides looking at discussion guides, what does your group do to prep for conversation about the book for your book group meeting? We posed this question to our readers, and you gave us some terrific ideas. Many thanks to all who let us know how they approach their discussions; as always, your feedback is much appreciated!
The Morristown Festival of Books on October 11th and 12th is THE place for readers, authors, aspiring authors and all who love new ideas. With 24 sessions to choose from --- three moderated by our own Carol Fitzgerald --- deciding which ones to attend is not easy and maybe even a test of your personality traits. Do you go to hear an author who you have read and love, or do you move out of your comfort zone and attend a session about a book or an author you have not read or perhaps have not even heard of? My friend and fellow book club member Donna and I did a little of both and were not disappointed.