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January 15, 2009

Book Clubs in the News

Posted by carol
Occasionally we highlight news articles featuring book clubs across the country. Travel from Texas to Oregon in this month's round-up, which includes a profile of a book club with a very long history and one in which members thrive on their differences. You'll also find plenty of reading suggestions.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: What We're Reading/Book Clubs in Georgia
Part of the inspiration for a newly-formed Georgia book club was to "set a good example for their children to continue their love for reading." One of their goals? To support local authors.

The Bulletin: Shumia Book Club Has Been Meeting Since 1908
Members of an Oregon reading group talk about the astounding longevity of their club --- and some of the traditions started by their predecessors a century ago that they still carry on.

The Chronicle-Telegram: Ritter Book Clubs Surprise, Engage Readers
The Ritter Public Library in Vermilion, Ohio, hosts two very different book clubs.

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: Book Club of the Month
Differences in religious beliefs, political views and professions enhance the reading group experience for the members of a Texas book club. Along with talking about their group, they share some of their favorite reading suggestions.

The Gazette: Venture Out of Reading Comfort Zone
Columnist Anita Miller talks about how joining a book club got her out of her "mystery comfort zone."

The Wall Street Journal: Book Club Questions
Book Lover columnist Cynthia Crossen answers two questions for reading group members about first novels and "happily ever after" endings.