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January 21, 2009

Meet the Scripteasers and Other Book Clubs

Posted by carol
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at other book clubs? Every month on we feature interviews with book clubs and learn things like what makes a group flourish for decades, how new groups come together, what books have provided the most memorable discussions and much, much more.

Here we introduce four of these groups, and you can click through to read their interviews.

Everything and a Book Club Too
Selene Miller is the chairperson for Everything and a Book Club Too in West Chicago, Illinois, whose members range in age from 17 to 74. Selene describes how her group selects titles and shares stories of some of their best discussions, trips and events (one of which drew 175 people). She also explains why Michael Cunningham's The Hours has been brought up at every meeting the past six years.

Glamour Girls Lit Society
A member of Glamour Girls Lit Society in Huntington, West Virginia, Becky Morgan talks about the inspiration that led this group of women to form a book club a little over a year ago. She also reminisces about a memorable discussion she and her fellow members had with a local author and divulges their "first rule of book club."

Kimberly Bland is the founder and facilitator of Reflections in Columbiana, Ohio. She talks about the impact that moving the group's meeting place has had on their discussions and explains how selecting and discussing new titles allows members to gain insight into one another's thoughts and emotions.

The Scripteasers
The Scripteasers of Saratoga, California, have been meeting since the 1980s. Member Mary-Lynne Bernald discusses the group's varied reading list as well as its prerequisites for choosing titles. She also talks about their annual girls' getaway and the one time a year when they include their significant others in a book club gathering.

Share Your Book Club Story!
If you'd like to tell us all about your book club, click here to answer our interview questions.