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February 4, 2010

Starting the Discussion: Part 2

Posted by webmaster
In last month's newsletter we asked how you get your book club discussion started and as always you responded with a wonderful variety of options and suggestions. I published several of your responses earlier this week in the post Starting the Discussion: How do you break the ice? Here are some more of your wonderful ideas.

Nancy Chamberlin says:
We usually start ours book club meeting with the questions/discussion guides on the "Reading Group Guides" website. We don't do all the questions, just ones that would lead to good discussion by us rather than just regurgitating the book. Usually just one or two questions generates lots of discussion and further questions of our own.

Linda Bentzen of the Mountain Mamas Book Club in Sheridan, Wyoming says:
The Mountain Mamas Book Club meets at noon at a local restaurant. We mainly visit until our orders are taken. Then the person who chose the book we read begins the discussion. We discuss throughout our meal and usually for another hour after eating. We have a great time.

Mary Gade of the Cracked Pots Book Club in Bluffton, South Carolina says:
We have a book group of eight that that meet once a month. We usually have a book that is on the reading guide list so it's very easy to start our discussion. Whoever is hosting the meeting that month starts by reading the first question and everyone takes turns answering if they wish. We all take turns then reading the questions. Has worked great for us as we stay focused on the book. We do sometimes get a bit off track as we relate to the question. We usually know a couple months ahead what book we are going to read so the questions for the next book are handed out at the end of the meeting.

As a quick aside...I am loving the names of these book clubs, aren't you? If you have a minute either comment here on the blog or drop me a note ( and let me know what your group's name is and how you came up with it!

-- Dana Barrett