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April 26, 2010

Top 5 Places to Read Your Book Club Book

Posted by Dana

Have you ever procrastinated reading your book club book - and then suddenly you've only got a couple days left and you have to start reading everywhere and every time you can?  Well, I've compiled a list of the top 5 places to read, so maybe next month you'll carry your book with you and not get so far behind!

fortunecookie.jpg#1 - In bed

What's that game that people play?  You know the one where you put the phrase "in bed" after every fortune cookie fortune?  Like "You will meet a tall dark stranger..." and then you add "in bed" and it is hilarious.  (Or at least it was when you were 14).  Well - in bed really is a great place to read.  It's comfy, the lighting is good, and you can really concentrate.  Of course the danger is you will fall asleep and if you're reading a hardcover, you could risk some facial injury.

#2 - At the salon or spa

Of course you can't really read while getting a massage or facial, but during a pedicure?  Or while waiting for your highlights to process?  What could be better than a good book?  If you carry a giant purse like I do, you'll always have your book at the ready.

#3 - While traveling

Not while you're driving of course, but almost all other forms of traveling make excellent reading time.  Whether for work or play or even just your commute - the trains, planes, automobiles (again if you're not the driver and you don't get car sick) and assorted related waiting make great reading time.  Just remember you're in public - so don't lose yourself so much that you miss your stop.

#4 - In a park

Assuming the weather is good, why not enjoy some outdoor reading time?  The key here is not where you are, but where you aren't.  Just get away from home or office (even if it's just for your lunch hour).  Don't tell anyone where you are and turn off your phone. 

#5 - At a coffee shop

It's generally quiet.  Other people are reading.  It smells great and some places even give you free refills.  Again I think the key to this one is getting away from the demands of the day.  A little phone free - bother free time is always good.

Now if I could only take my own advice and stop procrastinating!  Do you have a favorite spot to read?  I'd love to hear it.  Feel free to comment here on the blog, or email me at  And stay tuned for - The Top 5 Worst Places to Read post...Coming Soon!