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May 3, 2010


Posted by Dana

Mother’s Day is this weekend and in today's guest blog post Rebecca Wells, author of THE CROWNING GLORY OF CALLA LILY PONDER and THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD talks about all the strong women who mother us and the lessons we learn from them.

crowningglory.jpgWe’re all products of our raising, and for many of us, the influence of strong women is at the core of that upbringing. Whether we use the title of “Mama,” “M’Dear,” “Mom,” “Mamaw,” “Grandma” or “Auntie,” the women who taught us how to become who we are today are revered and honored on the second Sunday in May in the US and many other countries. No matter what date is assigned to celebrate the contributions of the women who work tirelessly to bring up the children of the world, each one deserves to feel like a queen.
A woman doesn’t have to actually give birth to mother a child. Any woman who contributes to the life of a child is “mothering” that little person. Guiding and advising, teaching and loving – these are the acts that make a person a mother, regardless of genetics. Just think of the love and lessons Calla received from all the strong women in her life: Olivia, Nelle, Aunt Helen, Miz Lizbeth…and don’t forget the Moon Lady.
The lessons taught at home aren’t all about work and worry, either! The greatest lessons the women in my life taught me include the joy of laughing, cutting up, and dancing in the kitchen – enjoying life – even during the hard times. Growing up, our home was filled with music, and it wasn’t unusual for my mother to grab my hand in the middle of cooking dinner for a fast, fun jitterbug while stirring a pot of spicy gumbo. How we did laugh!
They say we don’t get to choose our memories, but that they plant themselves in our minds all on their own. I’m grateful for the good times and good lessons that my mother served up each and every day. I’m sure you have some good times of your own to share with us. What makes you smile big when you think of the women who raised you?

84,000 blessings,
Rebecca Wells, Author