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May 17, 2010

Top 5 Worst Places to Read

Posted by Dana

OR Top 5 Excuses for Not Finishing My Book Club Book

Last month I did a post called Top 5 Places to Read Your Book Club Book.  In that post I promised you a follow up with the top 5 worst places to read, so here goes:

#1 - In (or on) a Moving Vehicle (especially if you're driving)...  (even at a stoplight)

If you're anything like me (which is easily disturbed by motion) you will not want to read in a moving vehicle like a bus or car.  Trains and subways aren't too bad and planes are not a problem.  But motorcycles and jet-skis are definitely out.

#2 - In a Movie Theater

Let's face it, you paid a full month's salary to get in the door so you probably want to watch the movie.  Sure, it's okay to read before the movie starts, but the lighting is pretty bad and the pre-movie commercials can be distracting, so I wouldn't count on that reading time if I were you.

#3 - While Your Husband, Boyfriend or Children are Talking to You

While this may seem like a good idea at first, you may miss critical information about soccer, end up promising your child an iPad, or agreeing to let your husband buy that new Xbox he's been whining about.

#4 - At Work

Did you want to keep your job?  Just sayin'.

#5 - While Jogging

Yes, I know some of you very coordinated types can read while on the treadmill.  Good for you (show offs) but for most, I would say stick to watching TV or listing to your iPod.  Reading a particularly engrossing scene could cause you to lose your balance and create some drama of your own.  And running outside - well, there are trees there and cars.  'nuff said.

Ever read somewhere really weird?  Successfully?  Share my friends, share!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor