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July 19, 2010

The Best and Worst Excuses for Missing Book Club

Posted by Dana

Hey...we've all missed a book club meeting here or there.  We're busy, or out of town or maybe we just don't feel like going.  It happens.  But I'm here to encourage you to go if there is any way you can.  Your book club needs you.  If everyone just willy-nilly didn't show up there might only be one or two there and that's not exactly how it was meant to be.  So to that end, I have compiled a list of acceptable excuses for missing book club:

  • You are out of town. You can't plan business trips, family events or vacations around book club, I get it!
  • You are sick. Not fakey fake sick, but really sick.  No one wants your germs, so stay home.
  • You have an event more pressing that must be attended. Work functions, funerals, graduations, etc.  All understandable.
  • You have people visiting from out of town.  Depending on who it is, you might want to leave them at home for an hour or two and go to book club... but if not, you are excused.

Okay, if you've now examined this list and your excuse was not on it, you may not have a valid excuse after all.  Check out the following list of unacceptable excuses and see where you fit in!

  • You did not finish the book.  Go anyway, you can always contribute something and hearing your friends talk about the book may inspire you to finish it, or just put the darn thing away and move on!
  • You did not like the book. You MUST go.  Your opinion matters and everyone will want to hear what you have to say.  Just don't be all fussy and negative about it. Try to share your disdain constructively!
  • You are in a bad mood. Hey...been the t-shirt.  But suck it up.  Your friends, a glass of wine and some talk that is unrelated to your nonsense is just what the Dana ordered!
  • You absolutely HAVE to wash your hair or clean the kitchen or lay on the couch or whatever other thing seems more important.  No.  Not acceptable.  Book club shouldn't be like any other errand or chore.  This is "you" time.  So go take care of you.

So, if you are now encouraged to go and are grabbing your purse and heading out the door, read no further.  But if you are still moaning and groaning and not wanting to go, you may have to take the "Shackles Test". 

This concept was recently introduced to me by a friend and here's how it goes.  If the idea of doing x (in this case x is going to book club) makes you feel like you have shackles on and the idea of NOT doing x makes you feel like the shackles have been removed, you should definitely not do x.

So if your book club is giving you the "shackles on sensation", it might be time to stop with the excuses and find a new book club.  Don't worry there is one out there that will be the perfect fit for you. 

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor