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July 27, 2010

New in Town? Join a Book Club

Posted by Dana

bookclub.jpgWhen we think of book clubs or reading groups, we automatically think books and then maybe wine or delicious snacks, but I think sometimes we forget what book clubs are really about. People.  People who share our love of reading whether they share our opinions or not.

And what a great, non-threatening way to make friends in a new community.  When I had my bookstore in Roswell, GA we had many people (mostly women) come join our book clubs because they were new in town and I know it was a great experience for them.

Even though the store is closed, the book clubs still run and for some of these women, who are now no longer newcomers, their book club compatriots are among their best friends.

I am contemplating a big move myself right now and am comforted to know that I can find a book club to join and will be able to build that camaraderie again.  Oh, if only meeting a man were so easy!

Have you joined a book club upon moving to a new town or neighborhood?  How did you find them?  Any advice or stories you'd like to share?  As always, feel free to comment here on the blog or email be at [email protected].