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August 19, 2010

Did someone say FREE books?

Posted by Dana

In today's guest post, regular contributor Denise Neary shares a book site you may not have heard of.  Enjoy!

K_Loon.gifFree books.  

I love to see those words in tandem. Just seeing them in print, or hearing them spoken, gives me a little adrenaline rush.  So if you like free books (and why wouldn't you), have I got a site for you!

Bookloons celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall.

For more on the who, and why of bookloons (those of you who, like me, may be deficient in the ways of nature, might be as surprised as I was to learn than the loon has a captivating call!), check out their inaugural editorial from 2000.

It is a great site, with wonderful reviews and interesting articles. But let’s get back to those free books. 

Bookloons directly offers hundreds of contests annually, and provides information about many more.  If you're an author, blogger, or publisher looking for some great publicity on your books or projects? Consider using the contest page on bookloons.  If you're a reader in hot pursuit of free books?   Enter those contests, and see if you are as lucky as I have been----and I think we can agree that if you and I both enter the contest, I should win.   It seems only fair. 

Happy looning!

-- Denise Neary, Regular Contributor