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October 4, 2010

If You Could Change One Thing...

Posted by Dana

As individuals, of course, we are all 100% perfect.  But I think we can all acknowldedge that once you put a bunch of us together in a group things automatically get less perfect.  And as smart and wonderful as all of our book club members are, there are bound to be things that drive you a little crazy.

So today, my question is... if there was one thing you could change about your book club, what would it be?

Is the time of day or day of week not quite right for you?

Is there one person who takes over every discussion that just makes you crazy?

Are there too many side conversations?

Is the meeting too long, or too short?

Are you sick of Jane's famous (store-bought) hummus?

Would you like to read more (insert genre here)?

Would you like to meet more often?  Less often?

And most importantly -- are you gutsy enough to voice this desire for change to your group?

Since it is National Reading Group Month, I challenge to you make your group more perfect.  This month why not have everyone in the group say one thing they love about the group and one thing they'd like to see changed.  You might be surprised -- maybe everyone feels the same way.   The conversation could lead to positive change that could make your already close to perfect group that much better!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor