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October 12, 2010

Authors Supporting Authors

Posted by Dana

PattiDana.jpgI've been to a fair number of author events in my day from luncheons to bookstore readings to schmancy book launch cocktail parties and the more I think about it the more I realize I have rarely been to one of these events where there weren't other authors in attendance showing their support. 

I suppose no one can truly understand the unique challenges of a writer's life more than another writer so it makes sense that just as they support each other through writer's organizations and in critique groups and partnerships that they would be there for each other in celebration when a new book is launched.

Alas for a fan like me, it's extra special to go to an author event and get to hang out with two or three of my favorites in addition the one whose book we're there to celebrate.

JeffSteph.jpgLast night was no Patti Callahan Henry launched her new book THE PERFECT LOVE SONG: A HOLIDAY STORY with a chic cocktail party at the Livingston Restaurant & Bar in Atlanta.  And, in addition to an alleged sighting of Jennifer Love Hewitt which I cannot confirm (though I did look for her with camera in hand) two other wonderful authors were on hand to help celebrate... seasoned tv writer turned debut author Jeffery Stepakoff whose FIREWORKS OVER TOCCOA came out earlier this year to great reviews and prolific writer Stephanie Bond who has written over fifty novels for publishers such as Bantam, St. Martin's Press, and Avon/HarperCollins including the popular Body Movers series which has now been optioned for television. (That's Jeffrey and his wife Elizabeth on the left, with Stephanie Bond on the right).

jeffpatti.jpgI wanted to take a moment here on the blog to share the joy of last night with you (along with some pictures - this last one is of Elizabeth and Jeffrey Stepakoff again with Patti this time) - and to encourage you, as I always do to make the effort to get out to the book festivals, author signings and book launch events in you area.  It's a great "field trip" for your book club and you might get lucky and get to meet a couple of "bonus" authors while you're there.

 (And BTW in the photo at the top of the post that's yours truly with Patti Callahan Henry!)

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor