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October 19, 2010

To Start or To Join... That is the Question...

Posted by Dana

Whether it is better to find an existing book club that's taking new members or start a new one?

Okay - that's enough of my play on Shakespeare... but you get the idea.  If you're not currently in a book club but would like to be that is probably the first question you ask.  And though your gut may be telling you that you want to start a new book club, your head may be saying "No, no... too much work... too much responsibility.... I don't know how... etc."

Well fear no more.  There are tons and I mean tons of online resources to help get you going. The latest is a list of many of the best resources compiled by the Online Certificate Programs website.

They've kindly taken the time to put tons of links and resources all in one place for you in an article on their site aptly titled "30 Online Resources for Starting Your Own Book Club"!  (And when I said tons, I meant 30)

Of course we are proud to make the list!  So no more excuses... get out there and start with the starting!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor