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November 23, 2010

Forget Black Friday - Shop Small Business Saturday!

Posted by Dana

Shopping season is starting off with a frenzy this year.  The sales are starting earlier and the discounts are getting deeper.  But here's a "novel" idea for this year's shopping from Regular Contributor Jamie Layton, manager of Duck's Cottage Coffeeshop and Bookstore.

41602_167641889920409_2734343_n.jpgI found out about something last week that made me want to head straight to the top of the Duck water tower where I could throw my hands in the air and shout ‘Finally!! Somebody GETS it!’ What precipitated this risky, even dangerous, hypothetical situation? I found out about Small Business Saturday!!


What is Small Business Saturday you ask? Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate the independent businesses that make our neighborhoods special; A day to recognize the importance of these small businesses to the overall economy and to local communities; A day to patronize the small, independently owned businesses in your world that mean the most to you- whether that means getting some Christmas shopping done, going out to lunch, or popping in for a latte.
Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 27th. It is sponsored by American Express OPEN, the small business unit. It is also supported by more than a dozen other private and public organizations. There are LOTS of ways you can get involved, too! There is a Facebook page for Small Business Saturday- start by ‘Liking’ that! Then you can send shout-outs to your favorite local vendors using Facebook and Twitter! But wait!! There’s MORE!!!
If you’re an American Express Card member you can register on Facebook  and IF you spend at least $25 on Saturday, November 27, at any locally owned, small business that accepts American Express, you will receive a $25 credit on your next statement!!
So get involved, give something and get something back and join me in singing from the rooftops “Somebody FINALLY GETS IT!!!”
Thank you, AmEx.
-- Jamie Layton, Regular Contributor