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November 29, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday - Great Deals on Books!

Posted by Dana

What will they think of next?  First there was just plain 'ole Christmas shopping and the obvious after Christmas sales.  Then came Black Friday (which still doesn't sound right to me -- it's either depressing and goth sounding, or it's a clear message that I am helping big business  make money), and now we have Cyber Monday. 

On the off chance you didn't do enough shopping over the weekend or the more likely scenario that finds you sitting at your desk procrastinating getting back to work, you can now get great deals with the the tap of a key and the click of a mouse. 

There are good deals to be had on everything from spatulas to spare tires and of course on our favorite things.... books!  Here's a round-up of what I found for you:

 - Admittedly a smaller selection than the major booksellers, but Target has a full page of popular titles at 60% off!!

Barnes & Noble
 - Buy one NY Times Bestseller get the second at 50% off
 - 40% off select picture books

 - Up to 50% off on select books (and free shipping on orders over $20)

- Amazon is doing some kind of "lightning deals" thing where you have to keep checking back for different offers throughout the day.  For example, as I'm typing this they are selling the LOST ENCYCLOPEDIA for 55% off, but 77% of them are already gone, so you have to hurry. This might be the best sale for procrastinators.  You could literally play with this thing all day.  They have some other more normal sale prices too!
- This website has a whole listing of Cyber Monday sales.  It's a little overwhelming... lots of small print... but if you're determined to get the best deal, this could be a good resource for you.

And last but not least, if you want to really procrastinate and skip the online shopping -- shop your local bookstore instead.  You'll probably still get a pretty good deal, and you'll have the fun of browsing and supporting a local business!  Check out to find the store closest to you!

Happy Shopping!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor