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June 24, 2009

Book Clubs' Summer Plans

Posted by carol
In a recent newsletter we asked if book clubs do anything different during the summer months. Some groups change up their meetings, while others forego getting together --- which, as one person noted, means more time for lengthy solo reads like Ken Follett's 1,024-page novel World Without End. And for some book clubs, although the discussions might be on hold, it doesn't mean gatherings necessarily stop. They do other book- and community-related activities instead. We'll share more book club summer plans tomorrow.

"Our book club is taking a long-distance train trip from the west coast and heading east. During that time, we will be able to talk about books for hundreds of miles. We have people who have read so much and have so many opinions ideas, and wit that we do not expect to run out of conversation." ---Ruby and Helen, Edenvale Book Club

"Our group doesn't meet in July and August, but we (15 members) will get together (those available) for trips to book stores, book readings/signings, book fairs --- whatever special attraction is within a day's drive. We also stay in touch by email and give each other opinions of our latest reading choices and recommendations." ---Carolyn Milliser, The Book Worms, Salado, TX

"In July and August my book group takes a break from assigned reading. In July we always go out to dinner, usually Chinese or Italian food that we can eat communally. In August we go to one member's beach house for lunch, and each of us brings a list of books we've read during the summer and movies and plays that we've seen." ---Nancy Lund McCue

"During July and August, we hold our discussions outdoors at the homes of two of our members who have pools at their homes. We still enjoy our wine and snacks, and we sometimes have foods tying in with the places in the books. We cool off in the pools and spend a leisurely afternoon discussing the characters and themes of our stories." ---Dot Lechmanick, The Final Chapter Book Group, Lock Haven, PA

"Our last meeting is in May. We take the summer off until September.... We keep reading and share the best when we get back together again in the fall." ---Carol Weigel, The Bookers/Lake Gaston Ladies Club, Henrico, NC