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As I write you today, snow is falling outside my window. There has been lots and lots of "the white stuff" this winter --- and it's been falling in places where snow usually does not pose that much of an issue, making life what I call "interesting." Last weekend I was in San Jose for a conference (more on that in a moment), and as I was leaving, flakes were flying in the New York area. Worried I would get stuck with nothing to do with a delayed flight, I packed a small carry-on bag with a change of clothes, two books and two sweater projects. I got on the plane for the first leg of my trip and fell asleep after breakfast. For the second leg, I was more productive between naps. We did some circling in Pennsylvania, waiting to land, which was quite amusing since there was a computer at the seat showing where we were flying, and we kept going in a circle. Luckily we only landed 20 minutes late, which was better than how some of my compadres fared, getting in as many as four days late!