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Over the years, one of the things that we have prided ourselves on the most is taking readers beyond the book --- and sharing authors who do that. Between our interviews, “Bookaccino Live” preview events and “Bookaccino Live” Book Group programs, we strive to do just that. We realize that our audience is across the country, and many of you do not get the opportunity to meet authors. Read on in this newsletter for ways that we are sharing authors and author experiences on some books that we do not want you to miss!

I know that the Ides of March was a rough day for Caesar, but with March 15th just hours away, it gives us the chance to bring you a number of really terrific books and events of interest to book group readers.

We know that a lot of you have been asking about online book groups. We are not looking for information about your group that may meet online, but rather about places where people meet and have book group-style discussions online. As I mentioned, I had pulled together a number of these groups in a document that went POOF when I spilled water on my old desktop and managed to drown the hard drive. So if you have ideas for this that you previously had emailed me about, here’s a form to share them again. I know there were a lot of great ideas circulated during one of our “Bookaccino Live” events.