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I know many of you have the same feeling that I do. You finish a book and immediately want to tell your book group about it. Our group has a Facebook page where we not only talk about the next meeting, we also drop in books that we are enjoying and chat about them there. We note if we think they would be great for a discussion. I have read their suggestions, and they have read mine.

I am curious how others of you organize your book groups. Do you email each other or call each other? Do you have a group page or a website where you discuss matters related to your group? Click here to answer our survey and let us know what you do. We will share the results with you in our first April newsletter.

I love to read, but when I close a book, I only have my impression of it. It’s why I love reading what our reviewers say about books on And why I crave discussing a book with my book group. There is always something I have missed, or another way of looking at something. As time goes on in our group, we have come to know what someone will cringe over, or fall in love with, or want to read. But for all we know, we still surprise each other. And I always walk away with a more rounded look at a book. I am so looking forward to discussing THE MAID by Nita Prose with them next week. It’s one of those brisk books with a strong voice.