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Our book group read SUNFLOWERS SISTERS by Martha Hall Kelly this month (which we all loved), and for next month we are reading THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME by Laura Dave. We typically read new books --- we have fun at our meetings talking about what’s new that we want to explore. Reading through the submissions for our “What’s Your Book Group Reading This Month?" feature, we see there is a whole range of timing for book releases in what you are reading. And I see the same thing when I answer requests from readers who write looking for discussion guides. I often get a request for a guide for a much older or lesser known title, and I really should ask the sender what had them gravitate towards that book. I love that there is not “one kind” of book group, but rather a wonderful variety of them.

The past few weeks have had me thinking a lot about how many things have changed --- and stayed the same --- in the last year. One of the book groups that I belong to has done a combo of in-person and Zoom meetings, with us sometimes skipping a month when life just gets in the way. The group is made up of a lot of young moms, and they have been juggling…a lot. But what has stayed the same? We all are reading. We have a Facebook Group page where we talk about what books we are reading --- and often our next selections are made on that page. What has connected us has been the books --- the desire to share what we have read and to explore what else is out there. We have authors we all love; we also know each other’s tastes. And while everything may not be for everyone, our reading horizons are expanded through our conversations and posts, and we are brought together by our shared comments.