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I keep saying that 2019 has been a great year for reading, and it just keeps getting better and better. I hope that you are feeling the same way! Besides reading print books and listening to audiobooks, I have been interviewing authors, and we have been sharing those with you. It’s all part of our plan to expand The Book Report Network.

I already have three “Bookreporter Talks To” interviews scheduled for the upcoming weeks and am planning more. Also, this month we are sharing a promo video where you can hear more about the books that we are featuring on the site. And for, we are running promo videos to tease what will be in the week’s update. I enjoy the opportunity to bring you an in-depth piece about an author whose work I have explored. I would love to hear your feedback on these as well! You can see them all on our YouTube channel. And if you subscribe on that page, you will know when new videos are available.

It has been an action-packed couple of weeks, and there is much more to come. I have so been looking forward to sharing the latest news with you!

First up, our 8th Annual Book Group Speed Dating event at Book Expo was a huge success. 240+(!) readers heard from 23 publishers about upcoming titles that are perfect for book groups. You can see a couple of photos from the event above. As we know many of you could not join us, we have added PDFs of the slide presentation to the site, as well as an Excel sheet that lists the books both by publisher and by title. We hope you take the opportunity to peruse these lists.