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As I look at the handy dandy weather feed on my desk here. I am seeing 70s and 80s. I like those numbers! It was a looooong winter. Remind me that I feel this way when I am melting in the heat of the summer!

Since I last wrote you, we went on a trip to Crested Butte to go skiing. My husband and I met there 31 year ago, and we have a lot of fond memories of that town. I had not skied in 19 years, so this really was a trip down memory lane. While in town we stopped at Towne Books, which was a terrific store with lots and lots of recommendations. I talked to Diane there, pictured here, with their “Recommends” shelf. We were going through their shelves talking about the books that we both loved. She was giving high kudos to Elizabeth Gilbert’s upcoming novel….she really loved it. It was a great few moments of “shop talk” in the middle of the Rockies, which came the day we were leaving town. I saw it as a bridge between vacation and home…and made me realize that it is not as tough to leave vacation when you are heading home to a job you love.