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I do not think I am alone in asking, "Wait, how did it get to be May 31st already?" I have been hearing it from people all day. The weather here has been spectacular --- what we call California weather. Last weekend, I finally just sat outside and read; it's been weeks since I've had the time to do that. I missed book group last week for the second time, which is not like me.

Onward to share what's been going on to keep me busy...

Raise your hand (or twirl your mouse) if you are slightly intimidated by the size of a thick book. Can you see my hand waving? So when I saw that Oprah had picked a 736-page book for her latest Book Club selection, I gulped. But I enjoyed Abraham Verghese’s THE TENNIS PARTNER (I still remember so much about that one) and decided I did not want to miss out on reading THE COVENANT OF WATER like I had with CUTTING FOR STONE (658 pages). So I am going to read along with Oprah in what feels like it will be 100-page segments. You can read more about that here. I also listened to this interview with Abraham on the “Poured Over” podcast. Who else is reading along?