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Writing this on a beautiful fall afternoon as we head into a long weekend. Lovely!

I got a note from a reader about her book club this week with a problem that she would like some feedback on. It seems they are bursting at the seams in membership, which is why they now meet at a library instead of people’s homes. They had 26 members as of June, and now members are asking friends to tag along. At this month's meeting, some hadn't even read the book and some never verbally participated. It appeared they enjoyed some refreshments and listened to others discuss a book. The group was so large that little side discussions were going on here and there, and the leader had to use her “schoolteacher voice” to ask them to wait their turn and share what they had to say with everyone. They almost needed a microphone for some of the participants. Do any of you have any suggestions on how the group leader can handle this? All ideas are welcome. Please send them to Katherine Tandler at [email protected].