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I saw the book club napkins above and smiled. I immediately wrote my book club about them on our private Facebook page and said that we should think about what our pie chart would look like. We have yet to talk about what anyone is wearing; we do talk about our children a lot, and as many of them have young children, I do lots of reminiscing (one woman is expecting a baby in April, and we are excited for our first book club baby). But we also spend a lot of time talking about the book! As for wine, it gets poured, but it's not the focal point of the evening.

I had such fun last Sunday at the event that I did at the White Plains Public Library. I presented 51(!) books to a terrific audience of 60 readers. You can see a photo of me above with Brian Kenney, who is the library’s Director. Before and after the event, he took me on a tour of their fabulous space. There are terrific kids and teen areas, as well as a community area with a café; they also sell books that have been donated there. New fiction and nonfiction are all shelved face front, so you quickly can see the covers of the books. I love this; it is so inviting!