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Before writing this newsletter, I looked at the last one we did. Though it was written on March 11th, it seems like it was a lifetime ago. I feel like March has had 1,000 days in it!

With huge thanks to our team, we have kept up the pace these past few weeks. In fact, we have been trying to bring you MORE book-related content. I am now shooting two “Bookreporter Talks To” interviews each week, coming to you from my dining room studio. And this week, in addition to the Bookreporter promo video (which will be up by Thursday), we shot a video about great books for book groups --- this time from our family room. Yes, I miss the in-person camaraderie of our team, but I am loving what we are doing from a distance. This week, I am interviewing Diane Chamberlain about BIG LIES IN A SMALL TOWN and Lisa See about THE ISLAND OF SEA WOMEN. I had been scheduled to talk to both of them at the Tucson Festival of Books, so I am happy to be doing interviews this way!

Whew, with the coronavirus, things feel pretty unsettled these days. I have been escaping by reading books --- and I hope that many of you are doing the same. This is a good time to share that, in addition to this newsletter, we have two others that you may be interested in --- the Bookreporter Weekly newsletter (which comes out on Fridays) and the Bookreporter On Sale This Week newsletter (which comes out on Tuesdays). If you want more about books and authors that we think you will love, you can sign up for those newsletters here.