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About a half-dozen members of my book group are making plans to head up to Connecticut to hear Martha Hall Kelly talk about her new novel, THE GOLDEN DOVES, and enjoy a lilac festival in early June. We’ve wanted to put together an event like this for a while --- and given that we chatted with Martha virtually at one of our early meetings, this feels perfect. I missed the last meeting due to a conflict, and I see that I also am going to miss the May one for a work event on Zoom that evening. I seriously feel like I need a clone, and this is AFTER the years I spent commuting for 3-4 hours each workday. Somehow time still gets away. So our Sunday-in-June road trip is something to look forward to!

How are we more than halfway through April already? This newsletter is coming to you a tad later than usual as we kept adding things to share with you, which ALWAYS is a good thing!